Wednesday, July 05, 2006

After about 6 weeks of searching, what I found was a 1967 Ghia in a little town called Jamul (Hommel) California. The previous owner bought it in 1980 (ish) and turned it into a Cal-Looker. He took it one afternoon in 1986 to put tires on it and on the way home blew the engine. It sat in his garage for 20 years with brand new tires on it. I found it on the Samba, struck a deal, and shipped it to Cincy. It was completely disassembeld. No interior to speak of, no engine, no front brakes, but it was a good solid base to start with. No rust... anywhere. Minor accident damage on the left rear corner that I didn't originally see, but not bad. The dash had been cut out and had an aluminum cover screwed over top with a million VDO gauges in it. That all had to go. My plan was to install a pre-1966 dash face. I like the look of the 2 big gauges better than the post-1966 dash. A dash was sourced (from the Samba) and work began.


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