Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Once I got all of the "stuff" from inside the car put away for safe keeping, I began disassembly. It started by pulling about 10 miles of "extra" wire out of the car. It was enough to almost fill a 30 gallon trash can I have in the garage. The kicker was all of the wires were red. How in the world the previous owner figured out what was what is still a mystery to me. On day 3, the body was ready to be removed from the pan. I had built a dolly out of wood to set the body on so I could actually stand up inside the car and work on it. That came in handy when I was installing the new dash. As I was working on the dash, I would move back and forth from the dash to the work being done on the floorpan. When I would get disgusted with one, I'd work on the other. Luckily, the floors had absolutely no rot in them. I had to weld a couple holes closed and grind the welds smooth, but other than that, I didn't have to do any repair. Once I had it good and clean, I coated it on both sides with 2 good thick coats of Rust Bullet. Then I painted the bottom of the car with a fleet grade black gloss enamel.


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