Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Once she arrived at my house on December 26, 2005, work began IMMEDIATELY. Right away I began stripping out all the stuff that was piled inside and catalogued everything. I pulled enough "extra" wire out of the car to almost fill a large (30 gallon) garbage can. Two days later, the body was off the pan and sitting on a wooden dolly I built for her. The floorpan was stripped of everything. It was all cleaned, treated top and bottom with Rust Bullet (2 good thick coats on both sides). Then the bottom of the floor was painted black with a single stage fleet grade paint. I already had an idea of what I wanted the finished product to be (the "VISION" as my wife calls it), but I began to refine in my mind what it would be. I was going to do everything to this car that I had wanted to do to the other ghia. Euro side markers from a type 3 VW and Pronto-Stabil side mirrors from a Porsche 356 were in order. The car came to me with Euro taillights, so that hunt was not necessary.


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